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We are a group of researchers at Yale University. We study child development with fun activities where children answer questions about pictures and videos. By asking our questions to hundreds of children, we can learn how children understand the world, and how teachers and parents can best teach children about the world. For 20 years, we have worked with families at our Yale University lab and nearby schools and museums. Now, we are using video chat to bring our studies directly to families everywhere.

You can see an example of exactly what an online study looks like in the picture below. The researcher will ask a question, such as “The person in blue knows all about cows. The person in green knows all about airplanes. Who do you think knows more about owls?” Your child then just says “blue” or “green” to answer.


You can find out more by looking at the pages listed on the right side of the screen (or below, if you are on a small screen). You can also visit our main lab page at Yale University, which is cogdevlab.yale.edu

If you would like to sign up for a study, please visit our Sign Up page. We will contact you soon with additional information about studies for your child’s age group, and you will be able to sign up for an open slot.